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A beautiful land in the heart of central Italy

Dec 1, 2016 | People, Places

Situated in cen­tral Italy, Abruzzo is a land of sur­pris­ing land­scapes, where the sacred­ness of nature is extra­or­di­nar­i­ly com­bined with rich and charm­ing evi­dences of human his­to­ry.
This region, char­ac­ter­ized by 133 kilo­me­tres of white and sandy beach­es inter­rupt­ed by small rocky coves, fea­tures wide hilly areas scat­tered with many hol­i­day farms, high Apennines moun­tain peaks ide­al for any kind of activ­i­ties and sports.
The glo­ri­ous past of Abruzzo peo­ple is shown by its many castles, muse­ums, medieval church­es, her­mitages.
The main attrac­tion is nature itself. Abruzzo has all kind of nat­u­ral­is­tic attrac­tions like lakes, caves, springs, sandy and stony beach­es, moun­tains for trekking and ski­ing as well as for climb­ing.
Abruzzo is the Europe’s green region: more than one third of its ter­ri­to­ry is pro­tect­ed through the pres­ence of three nation­al parks, one region­al park, and sev­er­al small­er nat­u­ral reserves.
Due to its geog­ra­phy and mor­phol­o­gy Abruzzo can be enjoyed at any time of the year.
Thanks to the­se pro­tect­ed areas a wide flo­ra and fau­na is pre­served, like the Marsican brown bear, Apennines wolves, Abruzzo chamois and oth­er species liv­ing in ecosys­tems char­ac­ter­ized by beech forests, as well as rap­tors, like the gold­en eagle.

Unforgettable expe­ri­ences are also ensured by Corno Grande (2912 mt.) and the Majella offers plateaus and breath­tak­ing nar­row canyons, scat­tered with age-old her­mitages and cot­tages. Mount Velino, with its grees, is home to rare birds species.
The impres­sive caves open­ing on the sides of Abruzzo’s cal­care­ous moun­tains are high­ly attrac­tive and inter­est­ing for spele­ol­o­gists, but also for all those who sim­ply love nature. There are four caves equipped for tours:
Stiffe Caves, San Demetrio ne’Vestini
Cavallone Caves, Lama dei Peligni and Taranta Peligna
Beatrice Cenci’s Cave, Cappadocia
Pietrasecca Caves, Carsoli