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About me


My name is Mila d’Alessandro, I’m 47 and I have 2 chil­dren.
I live in Pescara and I have always loved to trav­el.
This is why, once I set­tled in Abruzzo, I decid­ed I was going to work with those who love to trav­el and for­eign­ers in gen­er­al.

My main job is being an inter­preter and trans­la­tor for notaries, lawyers, com­pa­nies, pri­vate peo­ple who need to trans­late doc­u­ments in order to move away or return from abroad. I am a reg­is­tered trans­la­tor at the Court of Pescara since 2002. Furthermore I work with for­eign­ers who own a sec­ond home in Abruzzo. I most­ly man­age their hous­es all year round and some­times I man­age their sum­mer rentals.

I have 14 years of expe­ri­ence as inter­preter and trans­la­tor.
I start­ed trans­lat­ing doc­u­ments for pri­vate peo­ple going abroad (cer­tifi­cates, titles, diplo­ma), then coop­er­at­ed with com­pa­nies mak­ing busi­ness abroad (com­pa­nies, legal doc­u­ments) and in 2004 I start­ed deal­ing with pur­chas­ing prop­er­ties in Abruzzo and that is when I spe­cial­ized into Legal Translations work­ing with lawyers and notaries as well as deal­ing with all the peo­ple who are involved into a purchase/renovation/building process: estate agents, archi­tects, plan­ners, builders, plumbers, elec­tri­cians, painters… So now I know about a lot of prac­ti­cal and legal mat­ters and I have con­tact with a num­ber of peo­ple deal­ing with the most dif­fer­ent areas. I am a prac­ti­cal per­son and this helped me to put togeth­er all my expe­ri­ence and start a new busi­ness.

Managing and rent­ing prop­er­ties is my every­day job.
I check your prop­er­ty month­ly, make a report, call man­pow­er where nec­es­sary and deal with them, make sure tax­es are cor­rect and paid on time.
I have been man­ag­ing all sorts of prob­lems, from a gas leak to hav­ing a new roof done in a few weeks, deal­ing with neigh­bour­ing farm­ers and hav­ing a con­tract signed for man­ag­ing the farm­land, hous­es have been built from scratch and I fol­lowed every step. Dealing with pub­lic admin­is­tra­tion for tax pur­pos­es and water/electricity/gas com­pa­nies is also part of my every­day job. I do not know the peo­ple that work in the­se places, but I know how to com­mu­ni­cate with them and make things hap­pen!

Mila d'Alessandro

Mila d’Alessandro

Interpreter and Translator (Italian/English)
Property Management
Rental Management