Facility Management

If you are away from your prop­er­ty, it is extreme­ly impor­tant to be sure that there is some­one you can trust. Owing a sec­ond home can be tricky when you are far away and do not know what it is going on down here.

Well, I take care of your home and report to you about it.

  • Key Custody
  • Monthly prop­er­ty inspec­tion
  • Collection of your mail
  • Manage and pay your IMU, TASI and TARSU (year­ly Property and Refuse tax­es)
  • Central heat­ing boil­er main­te­nance (to com­ply with Italian law)
  • Insurance renewal for build­ings and con­tents
  • Servicing and prop­er­ty main­te­nance
  • Ordering gas refill
  • Turning on/off util­i­ties, cen­tral heat­ing etc…
  • Setting inter­net con­nec­tion
  • Connecting/Changing util­i­ties
  • Accountant
  • Shopping for your arrival
  • Gardening ser­vices
  • House clean­ing
  • Maintenance of swim­ming pools etc…
  • Document renewals
  • Providing man­pow­er
  • Pet care
  • Alarm respon­se and inter­ven­tion (if nec­es­sary)
  • Assistance with res­i­den­cy appli­ca­tions


If you have any oth­er per­son­al require­ments please ask

“We have always been so hap­py with every­thing that Mila has done for us. She has sort­ed many prob­lems for us over the years, trans­lat­ed for us and always seem to be around when we have need­ed help of any kind. It is a case of “what are we going to do about this? ”Let’s ask Mila!!! She will know.” Roger and Vivienne H.